7Sources Global | IT Solutions Sourcing & Evaluation Facilitation Services
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IT Solutions Sourcing & Evaluation Facilitation Services

We have built a team of IT professionals with collective work experience of more than three decades in different IT solutions selling and supporting in different verticals, globally.

In today’s market so many products, vendors and several technologies are available and it becomes very difficult to find out the right solution as per needs and budget.

7sources is pleased to introduce Facilitator/Advisor services to IT users organisation to deliver into maximum ROI.

Our processes are based on facts findings with documentation completely.

IT outsource
corporate Challenge

Current Corporate Challenges

  1. Multiple products/technologies/vendor’s availability
  2. Unclear Technology road map
  3. Products, Technologies, Services, Vendor Search
  4. Vendor diligence info
  5. Internal Process delays & cost overheads
  6. Net loss to organization due to delays

Our Services

  • Identify vendors and products
  • Perform RFP work
  • Facilitate Evaluations process and product demos
  • Preparation of comparison report.
  • Facilitate shortlisting process
  • Facilitate negotiation
  • Inputs for contracting content
IT Services

How it works?

  1. Evaluations as per the policies and procedures laid down by the user organization.
  2. Project based Sourcing Process until contract signed.
  3. Independent and Unbiased Evaluations
  4. Aligning Business needs and IT needs
  5. Preparation of scope, RFI (Request for Interest) and RFP (Request for Proposals)
  6. Sending RFP, clarification, and getting response from vendors.
  7. RFP response clarifications
  8. Assess and find most suitable solution, liaison with identified product vendors and evaluation matrix preparation.
  9. Identified Vendor diligence reports preparations
  10. Presenting different options available for the solutions and vendors.
  11. Comparison/Evaluation statement
  12. Shortlisting solutions
  13. Negotiation – Commercial and Terms & Conditions.
  14. Final statement/recommendation
  15. Contract & Sign
  16. Kick Off