7Sources Global | Core Values
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Core Values

The Management Team, Support Staff and Temporary Contractors & Consultants at SevenSources are guided by the following values. Our core values are essential in our service delivery.

Having high ethical standards in everything we do
We communicate and demonstrate high ethical and moral values to our customers, employees and suppliers. We never compromise our values or ethics.

Constantly pursuing only the highest quality work possible

We develop and utilize quality assurance processes to ensure the quality of our work and our people. We strive to “under promise, and over deliver.”

Always accepting responsibility for delivering results

We say what we mean, and mean what we say. We strive to be dependable in every sense of the word. We manage for results

 Working well with other members of the team to ensure the best result

We are not concerned with individual recognition or reward. We communicate often and effectively with other team members, respecting and seeking input and the contributions of others.

 Demonstrating a concern for our community by our actions

We identify ways to “give back” to the communities in which we live, work and play. We display our commitment by sharing our time, expertise and resources to help those in need.